Sync your DAW tempo to a Line 6 Helix

I have been using the send midi clock option in my DAW to sync up the DAW's tempo to my Line 6 Helix.  You can hear the time synced effects on my live streams and music

It's easy to configure and time based effects like delay and modulation will sync up with the tempo of the song.  It's awesome hearing delay trails and modulation times in perfect sync with the song. 

These are the steps to sync Logic Pro to a Line 6 Helix.

In the top control bar, right click and select "Customize Control Bar and Display"

Make sure "Sync" is checked and enabled

Right click the Sync icon and select Synchronization Settings

Go the the Midi tab and set the following

Destination: Helix

Clock: (check)

Clock Mode: Pattern-Quantized Clock Start Based on Pattern Length

Here are the steps for syncing Reaper to a Line 6 Helix

In Reaper Preferences > Audio > MIDI Devices > MIDI Outputs 

Double-click Line6 Helix to open it's configuration dialog

Check "Enable Output" and "Send Clock"

The LED will only blink in sync with Reaper when the Reaper transport is running

Here are the steps for syncing Reason to a Line 6 Helix. 

In Reason go to Edit > Preferences > Sync.  Under Midi Clock Sync select Helix for Output

Go to Options > Sync > Send Midi Clock

On your Helix go to Global Settings > MIDI/Tempo > Receive MIDI Clock and select “Auto” 

Helix uses its internal tempo generator until receiving clock from either MIDI or USB.  With this setting enabled the Helix will synchronize its time-based effects such as delay and modulation to incoming MIDI clock from external DAW software, drum machines, keyboard workstations, or other modelers.  When slaved to external MIDI clock, TAP’s scribble strip text grays out and its switch LED ring flashes blue.


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